About Crozet Elementary

Renovation and transformation

Crozet Elementary School is located on 21 acres in Albemarle County's designated growth area of Crozet and houses students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. The school and the area were both named for Colonel Claudius Crozet the French civil engineer who cofounded the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington and designated the path of the Blue Ridge Railroad. The area now known as Crozet was originally called Wayland's Crossing and was a small railroad town with an agricultural focus. The town still has two of the largest apple and peach orchards in the area. The original two story school building opened in 1907 with four classrooms; in 1924 a 10 room schoolhouse was built with a capacity for 313 students enough to hold first through eleventh grades at the time. After many changes and additions to the original structure through the years a site was chosen directly across the road to house the new and current building which was completed in September of 1990.

The school currently has 370 students 51 staff members and a full size gymnasium. After school clubs and programs for students include Scratch Club, Music Club, Art club, Drama Club, WeDo Lego Design, Building Club, Robotics Club, Running Club, Architecture Club, iMovie Club, Knitting, Math Challenge 24, Student Council Association (SCA), Leadership Group, and the unconventional Boom whackers club where student bend and pound three-foot-long percussion tubes to make different musical sounds,. Crozet also boasts a talented drama club that annually produces drama performances, most recently including "Holes." Crozet Elementary also participates in the following enriching opportunities: Virginia Film festival; Writer's Eye Contest; L.E.D. Design Challenge; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) projects; and Robotics.

Features & Accolades

  • Distinguished Title I School Award 2005,2006
  • Board of Education's Award for Excellence under the Virginia Index of Performance Program 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Recipient of two simultaneous technology grants totalling nearly $9,000 from the best Buy Teacher Award program and the WIlliams Foundation
  • Green Ribbon School