Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q. How often does my child go to the library?

A. Kindergarten, first, and second grade come once a week for read aloud and instruction. First and second also check out books at this time. Third, fourth, and fifth grade come to the library on a flexible schedule. They may come for whole group instruction, small and large group research. or collaboration with the class room teacher on special projects. Students of all grades can come to the library any day on their own to check out books. You can check the library schedule to see exactly when your child's class is scheduled to come.

2) Q. How many books can my child check out?

A. Kindergarten may check out one, first grade - two, second - three, and so forth. They may keep the books for two weeks before they are considered over due.

3) Q. What should I do if my child receives an overdue notice?

A. If you think the book has been returned, please contact me so I can check the shelves. Mistakes can happen when books are checked back in. If the book isn't in the library, check other places in the school, such as your child's cubbie or desk. The book could also be mixed in with books in your child's classroom or with Afterschool's books. School library books are also turned into the public library by mistake. Places in your home where library books like to hide are under the sofa, between the bed and the wall, under the bed, mixed in with other books, in the toy chest, or just about any where else in the house (or car).

4) Q. Why is my young child bringing home a library book that is not on his/her level?

A. I like to give children the freedom to select their own books. They are naturally drawn to the non-fiction and I don't want to squelch their curiosity. Children can get a lot out of "reading" the pictures. That being said, I will gently suggest picking out another book that isn't so fat and has more pictures, but if they insist, I let them check it out. When my own children were young, I let them pick out the books they wanted at the library, then I picked out ones I wanted to read to them. Parents can check out books from the school library. The public library is also a great source and the Crozet branch is open until 9:00 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays for your convenience.